“I want to inspire people to be themselves and not let anyone ever tell them what they can and can’t be."

I guess the quickest way to get to know me would be to listen to my songs and hear how I’m feeling and what I have to say about life. 

I’m from Connecticut, grew up loved but felt pretty lonely sometimes and not always understood.  That’s probably not too different than many others but I’ve always felt pretty different than most in the crowd.  I guess that’s why I try to inspire people through song to be themselves, be positive, and not let anyone ever tell them what they can and can’t be. My message is to take charge of your life by being thoughtful and confident in who you are, how you want to be treated, and what you want.  Sometimes it can be a struggle but it’s worth it. 

I write and produce my own music and my dad says that my voice and my songs have a natural tone that’s “emotional, something a bit rock but with a trippy dance beat that can ‘pop’ and groove with the occasional sprinkle of a classic, sultry R&B sound.”   I like sprinkles, dad.  It is my favorite cupcake icing  :)  but I think the simpler term is Alternative Pop. 

Music is my soul. Yeah it’s corny, I know, but it truly is inside me. Music is where I’ve been able to free myself from my troubles and sadness; where I become myself, the best me, the strong me, the confident me, the true me. That’s a place where I’d like to help everyone who needs it, to get to. 

I hope you’ll listen, hear me, like my songs and join me in transforming this world into a place where we can all be heard for who we are.  Should be a fun journey.