Empowerment, love, lust, and feeling invisible. Whether the song is rainbows or clouds, it’s always going to have that unique Julia sparkle. I write and produce my own music and  I would say that my songs are mainly pop with R&B influences.  

I’m from Connecticut and grew up loved but was a little lonely sometimes due to my introverted nature. Once I decided to take to the stage at age eight, I fell in love with performing. It gave me the opportunity to be myself, be bold, and be seen by others. At age fifteen, I decided I wanted to start writing my own music and send a message to people that they can release their inner tiger. I want people to feel strength when listening to my music. I want them to feel like they can overcome any obstacle. The other half of my discography are love songs, which take on more of a romantic and lustful meaning. But my message is simple -  take charge of life and be confident in who you are. When it’s difficult to view yourself through a positive lense, my songs will inspire you to break from the chains of self doubt.  

So take a listen, hear the words, feel all the feels, and join me in transforming this world into a place where we can all be badasses.  - Julia