“For me, it’s not just about the music. I love the people, the way they listen and move to the songs and somehow are able to feel the same pain or the joy that I feel when I’m performing.” 

Julia's first EP is lit up with her empowering voice and lyrics about conquering fears and insecurities. It’s an upbeat, R&B pop sound tailored for those looking for a soulful, honest anthem of boldness and control of destiny. 

“I want to inspire people to be themselves and not let anyone ever tell them what they can and can’t be. The reality is that you can truly take charge of your life, and as my lyrics state, all you really need to do to start is ‘release yourself’." 

Although only 18-years old, you’ll hear a voice and sound that’s an emotional, fresh pop blend of an 80’s-90’s throwback, Bruno Mars, K-Pop, and Katy Perry, with a touch of the sultry classic jazz and blues greats over a solid low end beat. She’s a strong singer-songwriter with a classical piano background that she redirected into her own natural, popular sound. 

Julia is a Connecticut native that has weaved her musical path through several schools, such as the Performing Arts Conservatory and School of Rock in New Canaan, The Pop Music Academy in Stamford, and New York Jazz Academy in Manhattan. She’s done group and solo performances on stages ranging from coffee houses, churches, and schools to large theaters and halls such as Ridgefield Playhouse and once at the world-famous Carnegie Hall. 

“Music is my soul. I know that most aspiring artists say that, and it sounds a little corny but it really is true. As early as I can remember, I’ve been madly in love with music. I used to sing in elementary school classrooms and on the playground all by myself. It was the music where I could free myself from my troubles and sadness; where I didn’t need to think.” 

This young lady is just starting, but her voice and words are already stations beyond her years. Maybe it grew from the social pain of dyslexia and her strength to overcome it or the excruciating pain of spinal surgery to correct her severe scoliosis. Whatever the origins, the moving and exciting voice seems a worthy reward for everyone to enjoy. 

“I hope you guys like my new songs and can feel and share the soul in them.”